How can a franchisee defend a chargeback?

Submit the required documents

  • For disputes defended in Essentials, you can upload one complete document for each chargeback.
  • By default, acceptable formats for documents are JPG (10MB), TIFF (10MB), or PDF (2MB).
  • The maximum number of pages for an RFI is 4.
  • The maximum number of pages for a Chargeback document is 19.
  • For payment methods: Diners and Discover, the maximum file size is 3MB.

Defense content

The requirements for defending against disputes vary depending on the dispute reason. For all types of dispute, you must provide documents with details of transactions to help you build a strong case to challenge the dispute.

Tip: Learn which documents to provide to defend against different types of disputes.

Note: Meeting the defense requirements doesn’t guarantee you'll win the dispute.

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