Which Payment Methods are available for Giving?

Available payment methods for Giving

The most common payment methods are available for Giving. If you want to launch a Giving campaign, you need to make sure that at least one of the payment methods is available to your customers.

The following payment methods are available for Giving: 

Payment Method




Visa Debit

American Express

Cartes Bancaires


Interac Debit

Eftpos Australia






Other payment methods leveraging Credit and debit cards such as Apple Pay, Google Pay

iDeal: after an iDeal payment, the shopper can donate with a Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) Direct Debit transaction.

Apple Pay and Google Pay Wallets

In-store terminals generally accept credit cards by default. You can launch Giving at physical locations, knowing the payment methods will be compatible.

Note: Payment methods requiring redirection, such as Paypal and Klarna, are currently unavailable due to more complex setups.

What happens if a customer purchases with a payment method not available for Giving?

If a customer chooses a payment method unavailable for giving, for online payments, our API won’t return the donation token. This approach allows you to develop logic around when to display the donation form. For examples of implementations, please refer to the Giving technical documentation. For the in store implementation, the terminal will automatically not prompt a Giving screen if the payment method is not supported.


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