Donations at checkout

Help your customers support causes you care about with Giving.

An illustration of a handshake that shapes a heart, signifying collaboration and care.

What you'll learn

  • Trends in the digital donations landscape

  • Strengthening customer connections through donations

  • Adyen's fee absorption for donation transactions

  • Easy steps to implement Giving in-store, online, or cross-channel

  • Switching donation campaigns on/off and choosing nonprofits

Who is this for

Online and omnichannel brands who wish to use payments and checkout as a means to raise funds for nonprofits.

By the end

You will understand how a small change in checkout can be used to make a really big impact. Our impact team show you the goods and how to get the most out of a highly customizable Giving product. 

We’ll be donating €20 on behalf of every company that attends to UNICEF. 

Meet our experts

Media: Image - MTS_LucaBroers

Luca Broers

Product Specialist - Impact, Adyen

Media: Image - MTS_MiraBandsom

Mira Bandsom

Impact Partnership Specialist, Adyen

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