¿Cómo puedo leer la declaración de mi plataforma?

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¿Tienes el rol de usuario adecuado?

Comprueba si tienes uno de los siguientes roles de usuario:

  • Gestionar los informes financieros

  • Gestión de facturas recibidas (deudor)

3 types of invoices test

Adyen issues 3 invoices, online or in PDF/CSV format.

  1. Processing
  2. Terminal Service
  3. Terminal Sale

Access invoices

Note: If you can’t open the invoice, you might not have the right user role. Please reach out to your admin user to get access.

  1. Log in to your Customer Area.
  2. Go to Finance > Invoice overview > View the preferred invoice.

Tip: If you have ‘Receive via email’ enabled, you’ll receive the PDF invoice at the beginning of next month.

Your PDF statement

Summary page

The statement page includes the summary of the previous month's transaction fees and commissions.

The due amount may be positive or negative. In the payment instructions you can find information on the follow-up steps you need to make to balance any existing differences. In either case, differences are rectified in the following settlement batch.

Calculated and collected fees may differ due to:

  • Tiered pricing: during the month you’ll be charged at the lowest tier.
  • Transactions at the end of the month: Commission fees may be charged in the following month.
  • Price changes introduced during the month.

Detail page

The detail page is the second page of your statement and it contains tables for calculated and already deducted amounts. The resulting amount in the bottom-right cell equals the statement total, VAT excluded.

The deducted table on the statement contains the total charges already deducted from earlier settlements. These amounts are in the settlement reports as well, so you can verify the charges have been settled.

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