What does the 3D Secure Challenged status on the Payments page mean?

The 3D Secure Challenged status, also referred to as the TransStatus, indicates whether a transaction qualifies as an authentication or account verification. The possible values and their meaning are described below:

3DS2 transStatus

Definition by EMVCO


Authentication/ Account Verification Successful


Not Authenticated /Account Not Verified; Transaction Denied


Authentication/ Account Verification Could Not Be Performed; Technical or other problem, as indicated in ARes or RReq


Attempts Processing Performed; Not Authenticated/Verified , but a proof of attempted authentication/verification is provided


Challenge Required; Additional authentication is required using the CReq/CRes


Authentication/ Account Verification Rejected; Issuer is rejecting authentication/verification and request that authorisation not be attempted


Challenge (Decoupled Authentication)


For informational purposes only - authentication not requested by the 3DS Server


Adyen internal only! Error

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