What are some wallet operator examples?

Wallet operators examples

Pass-through digital wallet operator

When cardholders don’t pre-fund their wallet, they only add their card data to the wallet. When using the wallet at a merchant location or via a merchant website, the token of the added card is used to process the transaction.

Staged digital wallet operator

It is a type of digital wallet that has the following features:

  • Can be used at more than one retailer
  • Can store and transmit payment credentials supplied by the customer to initiate transactions
  • Can perform back to 'back-to-back' transactions

Note: Back-to-back funding allows the customer to undertake transactions with retailers on the digital wallet’s platform to complete the transaction when there are insufficient funds in the digital wallet-assigned account.

Stored value digital wallet operator

These are wallets that the customer preloads with funds using their payment credential. These are then used to complete transactions using the wallet. The usage is limited to the available funds in the digital wallet account.

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