Why do I get a "901: Invalid Merchant Account" error?

When you submit an API request, it’s is possible you get a response with status 403 and errorCode 901, as below:

   "status" : 403,

  "errorCode" : "901",

   "message" : "Invalid Merchant Account",

   "errorType" : "security",

   "pspReference" : "W244W6CNH4QJ9D53"

This indicates you are using an invalid merchant account for the action your are performing.

If you are authorizing a payment, please make sure that you use a valid merchant account and not your company account in your API request.

If you are making a modification to a payment (capture, refund, cancel, etc.), please make sure you are using the same merchant account as the merchant account used to authorize the payment. For example, the request below gets the error 901: Invalid Merchant Account because the transaction with PSP reference WNS7WQ756L2GWR82 is on the merchant account 'Anna_Adyen_Tech_Support' and not on 'Adyen_Tech_Support':

curl https://checkout-test.adyen.com/v68/payments/WNS7WQ756L2GWR82/captures \

-H 'x-api-key: YOUR_API_KEY' \

-H 'content-type: application/json' \

-d '{

       "merchantAccount":"Adyen_Tech_Support", // This must be the merchant account on which the authorisation was processed. 







If you are managing the payment details stored for a shopper (listing, updating or disabling) please make sure that you use the same merchant account as the merchant account on which the shopper reference was stored.

If this doesn’t solve the issue, feel free to contact our Support team for further help.

For more information please refer to error codes and messages


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