Enhanced scheme data

Enhanced scheme data (ESD) is optional additional data that you can send with your payment or capture request. ESD lets shoppers see additional information about their purchase on their card statement and use this information for reporting purposes.

Sending ESD can lower your interchange fees for US domestic Visa and Mastercard transactions. For US domestic American Express transactions, ESD can be used for additional fraud protection and reporting but there is no financial incentive for this.

You can send ESD for both online and in-person payments.

There are various ESD programs available on the market. Adyen supports the following:

  • Level 2/3
    • Level 2: tax details
    • Level 3: tax details and purchase line item details
  • Lodging
  • Car rental
  • Airline
  • Temporary services

Tip: Learn more about ESD types and if you’re eligible.

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