How can I prepare for token migration? [Export]

Migrating card details to another payment service provider contains sensitive payment card information from the Adyen platform. As you are the owner of this data, Adyen will of course comply with this request. We prefer to carefully plan this process in advance, in case you have a date in mind please share it with us.

The following steps outline the card data migration process:

  1. Provide a formal letter stating the intention to migrate Cardholder data/tokens to a new Service Provider (including date, signature, company name & logo, new service provider).
  2. Provide valid PCI Attestation of Compliance (AoC) of the new Service Provider
  3. Provide a publicly listed PGP key for encryption. We will review if the key belongs to a PCI-DSS certified processor who is allowed to manage payment card information, therefore the key must be referenced on the new service provider's website.
  4. Adyen prefers distribution over SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol). It is common practice that the party receiving the card data facilitates a SFTP share. Can you please confirm if the new service provider can provide an SFTP server, and indicate if there is any information you need from our side to create it?
  5. Can you please indicate the scope of the migration. E.g. include all card data stored under a company/merchant account or a specific list of shopperReferences. If you want to specify the exact shopper references you want to export, you can share a specific file. The format of a specific file should be: "MerchantAccount,ShopperReference".

Once you gathered the required information above, please send a ticket to our support team so we can take it from there. 

Once we have received all the required information, an export will be executed with a limited scope (1000 shopper references). The new vault can use this sample file to verify they can properly decrypt and ingest the file. When the new vault confirmed they received and can use the file format, we proceed with the full export.

Adyen exports card data in the following CSV format. Please see below:


Note: Customisation of this format is currently not possible.

Note: The field recurringDetailReference is Adyen's unique reference to a card.

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