How can I check my payout?

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Getting paid

Payouts are how Adyen transfers money from customers to you (the merchant). You can find the funds for all your transactions in your payout account. A payout is the net of all sales, refunds, chargebacks, and fees in a specific batch.

Check your payouts

  1. Log in to your Customer Area and select the merchant account level you wish to check.
  2. Go to Finance > Sales to Payout > Payouts.
  3. Use the date filter to specify your time period of interest (to find a payout around a specific date).
  4. Select the payout you’re interested in.
    Here you can see the amount paid out to you from a batch, and a brief breakdown of what it is made up of.
  5. You can download the bank transfer letter to see how the funds were instructed towards the respective payout account. If you didn’t receive the funds, you can use this letter to reach out to your beneficiary bank to trace the funds.

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