How do I set up Giving in-store?

Setting up in-person donations with Giving

If you want to give customers the opportunity to donate at your POS, you can set up Giving on your Adyen terminals. 

To set up in-person donations, you need to go select In-person payments > Terminal settings > Payment features in the Customer Area and scroll to the bottom section called Adyen Giving.

Here, you can set the required settings:

  1. First, click Enable for the other settings to show up. 
  2. Under Merchant account, select the account of the nonprofit you want to raise funds for (if you cannot find the relative account, please contact support).
  3. Under Charity name, select the nonprofit name that will show on your terminal.
  4. Under Amounts, type in the fixed donation amounts and the option to include a custom amount (optional).
  5. Under Timeout for giving screen, set time for the donation amounts to be shown to your customers.

After you save your configuration, it will take up to 3 hours until the terminals picks up the new configuration for Giving. We therefore recommend you to configure it when stores are closed, and at least 3 hours before stores open.

If you need help setting up Giving with your specific integration needs, check our documentation or contact your Adyen representative.
Adyen terminals

Testing in-person donations on your terminals

If you've set up Giving in-store, you can trial the solution on test terminals or implement a pilot in a selected store before expanding to other locations.

Terminals that support in-person donations

Giving can be activated on the Verifone and Android listed below.

Verifone Engage Series

Terminal Model

Fixed Amounts

Rounded up Amount

*Round -up with an extra amount is not  available for e285p given screen size restrictions


Android Series

Terminal Model

Fixed Amounts

Rounded up Amount