How should I implement the donation form?

Setting up your online donation form

If you launch Giving, you need to set up your online donation form. When doing so, it’s good to stick to recommended dimensions for web and mobile.

Best dimensions for your online donation form

The recommended dimensions for a banner on your website is a ratio of approximately 2.3:1 that’s adjustable to a 1:1 format for mobile. If you're integrating Giving into your native application, you can create a custom donation that suits your needs.

Note: We suggest a banner size of 1660 px width by 704 px height and specify a max-width CSS attribute. Otherwise the image file could potentially stretch because our components are designed to fill the entire container.

terminal screen with dimansions

If your website is responsive, be mindful of how form banners will be cropped. Make sure that your focal point is centered so that it remains visible regardless of display size.

terminal screens on desktop and responsive smaller screen

Follow the guidelines laid out in our documentation for optimal form implementation of our components.

Giving component customization

When using the Giving component, it's possible to customize certain form elements. We provide CSS classes within your Adyen SDK, enabling straightforward customization to align with your existing website aesthetics. 

Find out more in the Adyen Documentation page about our Giving component.