How can I defend a chargeback for SEPA Direct Debit?

SEPA Direct Debit chargeback

It's not possible to defend against a SEPA Direct Debit chargeback. 

Any SEPA Direct Debit customer can perform a chargeback within eight weeks after the purchase. Therefore, no dispute management is available for SEPA Direct Debit. 

Because the refund for a SEPA Direct Debit payment is unrelated to a chargeback, a customer can charge SEPA Direct Debit back even when a refund has already been initiated. Consequently, refunding a SEPA Direct Debit payment is risky if there is an ongoing dispute with the customer. 

How to handle a chargeback

If you've received a SEPA Direct Debit chargeback, we recommend that you contact the customer directly to resolve the issue.

Note: Unlike cards, SEPA Direct Debit has no additional authentication layer, such as a CVC check or 3D Secure. Consequently, it's essential to have good risk management tools in place to offset the threat of fraud.


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