Which integration type is included in the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridge?

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridge

In cartridge version 19.1.0 and higher, the cartridge is built with Checkout Web Components. These are separate components per payment method that are used to render UI for collecting your shopper's payment details. This will be rendered out of the box, depending on the selected payment method.

Can I still use HPP and CSE integration?

It’s not possible to use HPP and CSE integrations, as the cartridge in version 19.1.0 and higher only supports the Checkout API (Web Components). This replaced the old integration type HPP (Hosted Payment Methods) and CSE (Client Side Encryption).

Can I customize the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridge?

You can customize the Salesforce Commerce Cloud plugin cartridge by another cartridge which overwrites the Adyen Cartridge logic.

Note: Our Support team doesn't have visibility on any customization done. Therefore, it’s difficult to assist you. Please provide the right log files so that our Support team can help out in the best way possible.

Find the right logs under Business Manager > Administration > Site Development > Development Setup > Logs.

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