How is Adyen's Tap to Pay on Android solution Compliant?

In November 2022, The PCI Security Standards Council published a new security standard, Mobile Payments on COTS (PCI-MPoC), applicable to Tap to Pay solutions. After the publication of the security standard, a preparation period is required before new solutions are assessed under the emerging standard.

The payment brands allow new solutions to accept transactions in a pilot phase to support Tap to Pay solutions while PCI evaluations are ongoing. To accept Adyen's Android SDK, payment brands have reviewed the security assessment results provided by an accredited PCI-MPoC laboratory against the relevant security requirements issued by each brand and approved the pilot. The goal of the pilot phase is to allow a reasonable time frame for the PCI MPoC certification to be completed without altering the continuity of the acquiring business.

Adyen has been granted approval for the pilot phase by Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover. Please find the corresponding links below: