Why do I receive the error 422: Unable to Decrypt Data using the Card Component or Drop-In?

Disclaimer: If you are a customer seeing this error during Checkout, please contact the merchant from which you are making a purchase to let them know they have an issue with their integration. 

If you are a merchant, you are in the right place to fix the error message you are receiving. If our system can’t decrypt the encrypted data you’re sending with your payment requests, you’ll receive the 422: Unable to Decrypt Data error message.

To solve this issue, please:

  1. Ensure your credentials for frontend authentication (origin key or client key) and for backend authentication (API key or basic authentication) are generated on the same API Credential. If you are using the client key from ws@Company.[YourCompanyAccount] and the API key from ws_123456@Company.[YourCompanyAccount], this will result in the 422 error.
  2. Check if these keys are generated in the same environment (test/live) as the endpoints you’re using. If you are using API credential ws@Company.[YourCompanyAccount] from your live environment, please make sure you are making an API call to a live endpoint. If you are unsure whether you are calling a live or a test endpoint, you can verify the endpoint structure as explained here
  3. Pass the encrypted values exactly how you collected them from the frontend. Make sure you’re not accidentally truncating or changing the values.
  4. Check if your payment request is structured in the correct way.

Tip: Learn more on encryption and decryption.

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