Why do I get "Payment Details Not Found" for Maestro recurring payments?

If you are seeing a refusal reason containing the message “payment details not found”, then check if the initial transaction was processed as a Maestro payment. Maestro currently has an authentication requirement, meaning that it always requires 3DS1 or 3DS2 before processing. Therefore a recurring transaction will be refused.

There are two types of recurring transaction:

  • when the shopper is in-session (Customer Initiated Transactions CIT)
  • when the shopper is not in-session (Merchant Initiated Transaction MIT).

Authentication is required for CIT and not for MIT, as for the latter the shopper would not be able to authenticate him/herself if he/she is not included in the payment session (e.g. subscriptions).

Therefore, recurring CIT Maestro transactions are allowed as the 3DS requirements can be met.

Please contact our support if you would like to offer recurring CIT Maestro, as this requires a small configuration to your account.

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