Why am I receiving events with a delay?

Events are asynchronous by nature

Webhook events get sent asynchronously, so expect delays of more than a few minutes (even up to several hours or days for some redirect payment methods). Therefore, we recommend you have an integration that can support pending responses.

Please don’t derive conclusions from delays in our asynchronous processes, as this results from our platform’s design. Be aware of this possible delay, and don’t rely on the response of an asynchronous process for any time-critical processes on your end. Since this is a result of our platform’s design, it’s not possible to decrease the delay.

For redirect payment methods (for example, iDeal), we depend on the external payment method to provide us with the transaction status before we can send you an event.

You don’t need to have your customer wait until you receive the event. Taking iDeal as an example, you can use the /payments/details response for this. You can then use the asynchronous event to update the payment status in your system and send a confirmation to your customer.

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