What is the Activity log?

Balance control with the activity log

  1. Log in to your Customer Area.
  2. Go to Finance > Balances (Merchant account).
  3. Go to Activity log.

With the activity log you can see all recent adjustments on your account that could affect your next payout. The events you can find in your activity log are Balance transfer, Merchant payout, Reserve adjustment, Deposit correction, Merchant payin, Bank instruction returned and Manual corrected. On this page you can filter on a specific event using date, event, or currency. Additionally can also see the amount in which your balance was adjusted and the affected batch number in which this event occurred.


Balance transfer
Balancetransfer to or from subsequent payout batches to process negative payable/capture balances or for batches that couldn’t have been paid out.

Merchant payout
Amount paid for a settlement currency from the payout batch to your bank account.

Reserve adjustment
Funds being withheld from or released to the account due to funding or for using the Reserve register.

Deposit correction
Funds being withheld from/released to the account due to a change in the required security deposit (coverage of the exposure on the account).

Merchant payin
A credit transfer or direct debit booked in the account to fund the Reserve.

Bank instruction returned
Credit for previous MerchantPayout which weren’t processed successfully or which weren’t returned to Adyen.

Manual corrected
Manual booking/adjustment by Adyen
Activity log
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