How do I close my fiscal period?

Understand your balances

Find your end balance in your Monthly Finance and Daily Finance reports (total receivables). The end balance is the sum of your: open captured balance (gross), Open payable balance and deposit.

  • The open capture balance (gross) is the amount we requested from the customer’s bank but haven’t received yet. It is expected to be received. This is a gross amount, before fees (such as processing or payment method fees) have been charged.
  • The open payable balance are funds received by Adyen (payable balance) but not yet settled to your bank account. This is a net amount, after fees (such as processing and payment method fees) have been charged.
  • The deposit is funds we hold to cover risk exposure associated with your account.

Tip: Find the Opening Balance and End Balance on the second tab “Payment Balance” of the report sheet. 

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