How do I assign my terminal to a store or to my inventory?

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Assign terminals

To make a terminal ready to accept payments, you need to assign it to a store or a merchant account representing a store, and then board the physical terminal.

3 ways to assign terminals

  • From your Customer Area.
    When we ship your terminals, we add them to the Inventory of your company account. From there, you assign the terminals to the stores where they’ll be boarded and used.
  • Using API requests.
    This helps you automate the process of assigning terminals.

Tip: Assign terminals in one go with a CSV, if you have a large number of terminals or various stores.

Can I move my terminal from one environment to another?

Terminals can only be used in the environment they were requested from. Therefore, test devices can only be assigned to accounts in the Test Customer Area, and livedevices can only be assigned to accounts in the Live Customer Area.

Note: Please do keep in mind that you can assign terminals between merchants accounts, not between company accounts. 

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