When can I update to iDEAL 2.0 if I’m using a specific integration?


If you’re using API-only integration, this update is live and you need to make sure that you’ve removed the issuer selection from your checkout.

Other integrations

If you’re using another type of integration, you can find more information through the following Adyen Docs:

For the following integration, please note the release dates: 

  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFRA v24.3.0) - will be released by End of July 2024
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SiteGenesis) - We kindly request our customers on Sitegenesis to review their payments implementation and upgrade the implementation of iDEAL by July 2025, by following the instructions for Web Components
  • Shopware6 - will be released by End of July 2024
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