Why doesn’t my payment method show up in checkout?

Local payment methods in checkout

When integrating new payment methods it’s possible they don’t show up in checkout. This is common with a few local and wallet payment methods because certain requirements have to be met before they’re visible in checkout.

The displayed alternative payment methods are decided by the countryCode in the API request. For example, if the countryCode = NL is passed, iDeal will be visible whereas Giropay won’t.

Check the checkout settings

Integration or request related

  • countryCode: ensure you’re passing the correct country/region code if required for the payment method. To decide on this, use the specific payment method documentation.
  • allowedPaymentMethods: check you don’t have any server side configurations to restrict the payment method from showing up in checkout. The same applies for blockedPaymentMethods.
  • SDK version: check that the SDK version used supports the payment method. New payment methods may not be supported by older versions of the SDK.


  • Apple Pay does not show up: ensure your device and browser are compatible with Apple Pay.
    • If you’re using Adyen’s own certificate, ensure you use Checkout API v65 or later. The minimum required checkout SDK version is 3.18.
    • Confirm the domain used to host Apple Pay matches the merchantShopURL configured.

Local payment methods


Minimum and maximum amount limits: some payment methods have minimum and maximum transaction amounts that can depend on the currency. To troubleshoot, ensure you're passing a transaction amount that’s supported by the payment method.

  • Transaction rules: if you previously requested to prevent a payment method from showing up in checkout below or above a certain amount, reach out to support.


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