How can I solve "Error: (Integration issue): Expected intent from order api call to be authorize, got capture. Please ensure you are passing intent=capture to the sdk URL”?

For PayPal, there are two different flows:

  • SALE: The payment is authorized and captured immediately – i.e. the shopper's funds to cover the payment are retrieved during the same transaction session. This is the default PayPal capture flow. 
  • AUTH: The payment is first authorized; capture can occur immediately or separately, at a later time.

This error happens because PayPal is set up on the AUTH flow, while the PayPal configuration defaults to the SALE flow. This is defined by the intent configuration in PayPal's Drop-in configuration.

In case you are seeing this error, conduct the following checks:

  • Third-party permission
  • Ensure the configuration.intent within your /paymentMethods response reflects the correct PayPal capture flow. If this is not the case, please reach out to our Support team to reconfigure your PayPal connection. 
  • Ensure you are passing the correct intent when configuring your Web dropin/component. This has to match the intent returned in your /paymentMethods response and can be done by passing the intent object as described in our documentation here


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