How can I top-up my Refund reserve?

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Add funds to your reserve

1. Log in to your Customer Area, and switch to the merchant account.
2. Go to Finance > Balances (Merchant) > Control your balances.
3. In Reserve balance, select Top up.
4. Enter the amount that you want to add to the reserve
5. Select Generate payment details.
6. This will generate a payment link which will direct you to the payment methods available to you.
7. Make a bank transfer using the local payment method available to you. Please make sure that you copy the generated reference (message) for each individual transfer wired to us.
8. Select Done.

For payments made in EUR or USD, the funds are added to your reserve on the same day. For most other currencies, the funds are added to your reserve on the next day.

As soon as a top-up request is made an "awaiting top-up payment" notification is generated on the balance overview page. If you decide not to transfer the funds to us, you should cancel the open offer by:

1. Opening the Control your balances tab.
2. Click on top-up.
3. Click on See active top up offers and hit cancel on the offer for which you do not wish to transfer funds. The offer is cancelled but the notification may take a couple minutes to disappear.


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