How do I set up Pay by link in Adobe Commerce? (Magento)

How to set up Pay by Link in Adobe Commerce

  1. Log in the Adobe Commerce back office.
  2. From the sidebar, select Stores > Configuration.
  3. Scroll down and open the Sales menu and then, open Payment methods.
  4. Select the Configure payment methods submenu and select Adyen Pay by Link.
  5. Make sure Enabled is set to Yes and the title shows Adyen pay by link.
    The default days to expire payment links can be set based on your preference.
    Then fill out the rest of the form with the requested information. Every field must be filled.
  6. Sort Order should already be set to 7.
  7. Once everything is added, click on Save config.
  8. If successfully saved, you’ll get a notification to go to Cache Management.
  9. Click on this notification and then select on the Flush Adobe Commerce Cache button.

You can now create orders and add payment links to them.

  1. To try this out from your Adobe Commerce back office, go to the Sales menu and select Create New Order.
  2. Add products to your order, then scroll down to the payment and shipping information sub menu.
  3. Go to Payment Methods > Adyen Pay by Link.
  4. If you’d like to overwrite the default expiry, set the expiry manually and select Submit order.
  5. Your shoppers will receive the order information and will be able to pay via the accompanying link they will receive.

Now you’re set up, start sending payment links via any channel of your choosing.

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