What are offers and how can they cause the Payment “Pending” issue in Magento?

Abandoned offers

An abandoned offer can be created when a customer abandons the payment process during 3D authentication.

Find offers

  1. Log in to your Customer Area.
  2. Go to Transactions > Offers.


Close offers

Offers can block your inventory and create confusion in your order table. We can send an OFFER_CLOSED notification to close and cancel your abandoned offers in Magento. To enable the notification, please contact support. 

Once enabled, this notification will only apply to new offers, and you'll need to manually close older ones from the Magento database.

Note: The delay in receiving the notification differs per payment method (e.g., 12 hours for card transactions).

Note: We can adjust the period for the notifications but only for some payment methods (e.g., for bank transfers, it cannot be adjusted). 

Tip: We don’t recommend decreasing the period as it can cause unusual issues where Magento won't allow us to reopen the closed orders.


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