How do I manage Consistency rules?

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Please check whether you have one of the following user roles:

  • Merchant Change Risk Settings

  • Risk Admin

Consistency rules can be enabled to specific scenarios, for example:

  • Suspicious level of an email address.
  • Shopper behavior on the checkout page.
  • Comparison between the shopper name and email address.
  • Comparison between the shopper country/region and the card issuer country/region.

These rules generally don’t require a very high risk scoring. They do trigger on a transaction level and look at certain inconsistencies. These inconsistencies should not always result in an increased risk level, and should be configured and scored based on your risk appetite.

An example of a Consistency rule is the Address Verification System (AVS). This allows you to verify whether a billing address matches the address of a credit card cardholder. Please note that the AVS check is only applicable to US, CA and UK issued cards. You can find how to integrate this in our Docs.

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