How can I secure my point of sale?

Secure your terminal fleet

  • Always connect your terminals to password protected wifi networks (preferably with WPA2 or higher security).
  • Maintain an inventory of active and inactive terminals, and review it regularly.
  • Update your terminals to the latest software as soon as possible. We strongly suggest you use automatic updating.

Train your on-site staff

  • Train staff members to remain vigilant and report any suspicious behavior around the POS devices.
  • Make sure everybody is aware of the steps listed in delivery inspection procedures, regular inspection, and suspicious activity awareness. 

Prevent tampering

  • Place the terminals in a monitored environment, both during and outside of business hours.
  • Inspect your payment terminals to make sure they haven’t been tampered with. You must do this when you receive a new terminal and also at regular intervals after.
  • Verify the identity of anyone who requests access to the terminal, for example individuals claiming to be repair or maintenance personnel. Adyen terminal maintenance staff will never arrive without prior arrangement, so check that maintenance is planned.
  • Follow PCI best practice guidance to protect from skimming.

Tip: Learn what to do when a terminal is lost or stolen.

The integration security guide

Follow best practices to reduce security risks.

View integration security guide
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