What are the Adyen security foundations?

The Adyen security foundations

As a financial service provider, securing data has been a top priority at Adyen. We have made strategic decisions to embed security in each part of our platform and organization.

These are our Adyen security foundations:

  1. Everybody does Security: A strong security culture that embeds security in the daily tasks of every colleague at Adyen is a key component of our posture. All teams at Adyen are responsible for their role-specific security operations.
  2. Defense in depth: Keeping data and systems secure requires layering protection and preventing single points of failure.
  3. Independent, available, and redundant infrastructure: Our mission of being in control extends beyond our code, into the core of our value-chain. Uptime is extremely important to our merchants, hence to Adyen. Redundancy, availability, and latency are therefore, key concepts in the design of our infrastructure.
  4. Secure engineering: At Adyen, security isn't an afterthought. We embed it throughout every phase of our product lifecycle. This approach allows us to catch flaws in a very early stage, which substantially reduces risk, workload and the need for excessive security engineering activities.

The integration security guide

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