What is the Payable balance?

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Next Payout/Payable balance

The Payable balance represents the available funds in your account to be paid out according to your payout schedule.

However, the visible amount doesn’t necessarily correspond to the payout amount you'll receive. Before being paid out, the funds in the Payable are subject to invoice deductions, reserve adjustments, deposit corrections, balance transfers, refunds and chargebacks.

Picture the Payable as the gateway for the funds to come in and out of your merchant account. Once the funds are in the payable they can move around within your account.

The Payable balance could also become negative if you are processing more refunds and chargebacks than the current incoming balance.

Tip: Learn how to check your balances.

Note: The payable balance is not to be confused with pending balance. The pending balance shows the gross amount of sales and refunds that aren’t yet settled by the card scheme or payment method. 

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