What are the fees on my invoice?

Monthly invoice

The invoice is an overview of all the processed volume of your account of the previous month. It also shows all products and corresponding fees that are charged.

Processing invoice

The processing invoice includes the processing and the payment method fees.

The Payment method fees include:

  • Markup: A fee paid for certain card payments or for currency conversion between processing currency and settlement currency. The fee amount depends on the type of card payment or currency conversion rates.
  • Scheme Fees: A fee paid to the card scheme for each payment transaction made with the card scheme. The fee amount is determined by the corresponding card scheme.
  • Interchange: A fee paid to the issuer for each payment transaction made via a card network. The interchange fee amount is determined by the corresponding card network. A further fee is deducted from the total by Adyen before paying into your merchant account.

Other possible fees on the processing invoice. Adyen will charge these fees when the merchant receives the product or service .

The Terminal Service invoice

The terminal service invoice includes:

  • Terminal replacement fees
  • Sim Card Subscription

The Terminal Sales Invoice

The terminal sales invoice includes:

  • Terminal sale fee(s)
  • Terminal accessories fee(s)

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