What is the Visa Marketplace program?

Visa Marketplace program

The Visa Marketplace Program requires acquirers to register their marketplace clients with Visa. The program has several components.

Reference terms

  • Marketplace: an entity that brings together buyers and retailers, and handles payments on the retailers’ behalf.
  • Retailer: an individual or business selling goods or services.
  • Foreign retailer: a retailer based in a different country/region than the one where the marketplace conducted the sale.
  • Foreign retailer volume: marketplace transaction volume generated by foreign retailers with domestic issuers (the issuer is in the same country/region as the marketplace).

Marketplace Reporting

  • As part of the Visa Marketplace Program, the acquirer is subject to provide reporting for marketplaces that have foreign retailers through quarterly submission of the Marketplace Quarterly Reporting Form for marketplaces.
  • The quarterly reports are usually due within the first 15 calendar days after the end of each calendar quarter.

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