What are the different types of scheme fees and how are they charged?

Scheme fees

Unlike an interchange fee, which is a single fee charged by issuers on a payment, card schemes can charge multiple scheme fees on one payment. Scheme fees have different categories based on how they're charged.

  • Scheme fees that are ‘net settled’: These fees apply to one specific payment. The vast majority of scheme fees fall under this category.
  • Scheme fees that are NOT ‘net settled’: These fees are not subtracted from the settlement of the respective payments to which they apply, they are calculated on an aggregated set of transactions. Adyen charges these fees on the monthly invoice with a billing delay.
    • Regularly billed payment processing related fees: These are termed 'Non-Transactional Scheme Fees' on the invoice. They are fees related to processing payments and are included in regular billing cycles.
    • Irregular fees: These include charges from card schemes such as registration fees or one-off non-compliance penalties. We will add these scheme fees to the invoice when they are relevant or applicable.

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