What currencies are available for payouts?

Available currencies

A complete list of all settlement currencies we support per acquiring region can be found on this Docs page.

Adyen is able to pay out in all currencies listed in the tables and offers like-for-like settlement if the currency is also supported as a settlement currency by the payment method. Like-for-like settlement means that no currency conversion will be applied by the scheme or by Adyen. The tables show which currencies we can payout in each country/region for a like-for-like settlement.

Local Payout

Besides the like-for-like settlement, Adyen supports local payouts in several currencies. This means, that for example, Adyen can acquire AUD through European acquiring and pay out locally on a bank account located in Australia. If local payout isn't supported or if you don't have a local bank account, funds will be settled via a cross-border transfer. Local payout is the fastest way to get paid out and avoids potential fees charged by your bank for cross-border transfers. 

In order to receive local payouts most often your bank account must be located in the country/region where the settlement currency is the primary used currency. The table show for which currencies we offer local payouts and the column “country” shows in which country/region your bank account should be located in order to receive local payouts in the specific currency.

Configure multiple payout currencies

You can configure multiple payout currencies for each merchant account. You need to add a payout account for each payout currency. If you have a multi-currency bank account, you can use the same bank details for multiple payout accounts. Every transaction currency for which you don't have a payout account set up will be transferred to the primary settlement currency that you have set up.

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