Adyen's Giving product effortlessly integrates charitable giving into the checkout for eligible merchants. Whether through online or in-store channels, Giving is incorporated natively into the payment flow, maintaining optimal conversion rates. Available across website, in-app checkout, and point of sale, refer to the specific criteria for integration eligibility details.

Online donations

Terminals approval flow

Our most common Giving option is the post-checkout donation with fixed amounts. You can find a demo of our Giving component. Depending on your integration and option selected this might vary:

  1. Your customer initiates the process by paying for their chosen goods or services through a supported payment method on your regular website payment form.
  2. Once the payment is complete, you have the opportunity to ask the customer if they would like to make a donation to a nonprofit.
  3. If the customer chooses to donate, you will need to make an API request specifically for the donation.
  4. We then route the donation to the chosen nonprofit and settle the donation amount directly to their bank account.
  5. Your customers will see two separate charges on their bank statement: one for the payment they made for goods or services, and one for their donation.

In-store donations

Terminal screens

This option plays out as follows:

  1. The customer completes their purchase by tapping/inserting their card.
  2. After a purchase, the terminal gives customers the choice to donate. They can pick from fixed amounts, round up their total, input a custom amount, or combine these options.
  3. When selecting a donation amount, shoppers tap their card, sending the full donation to the cause. They can also select "No thank you," or wait for the donation prompt to time out. Refer to our article on timeout time for details.
  4. Both transactions will appear separately in the customer's bank statement.