How do I create a user in the CA that can only see Giving data?

Setting up a Giving-only user

There are 4 steps in creating a user in the Customer Area. To ensure your user can not see any financial data, pay special attention in the roles step (3). 

  1. In the Customer Area, navigate to Settings > Users > Create a new user
  2. Enter the user details and accounts information relevant for your user
  3. In the roles section follow the below guide to ensure you have removed all payments data roles and added Giving data roles to the user. 
  4. Review the summary and save the new user

Removing payments data roles

To ensure your user doesn’t see any payments data, uncheck the following default roles:

  • Online payments > Pay by link interface
  • POS > Merchant POS standard role
  • Transactions > View payments

This will ensure your user can’t see any payments data.

Adding Giving data roles

In order to allow your user to see donation data, check the following role:

  • Donations > View giving overview role 

Tip: If you don’t see the "donation" section, you can search for them in the search bar.

Summary of active roles 

After you’ve completed these steps, your user should only have 3 roles enabled: 

  • General > Merchant allowed own password reset 
  • General > Merchant standard
  • Donations > View giving overview role