How do I keep track of my campaigns?

You can keep track of your Giving campaigns in your customer area under the Giving Overview, or with real-time insights through webhook notifications connecting donations to their original purchases.

How do I Keep track of my campaigns.png

The Giving Overview dashboard gives key insights in an aggregated and per-currency breakdown. You’ll find information regarding the total number of donations, the overall amount contributed, the average value of each donation, and the fees saved.

Downloading reports of your Giving Campaign

You can download reports in your customer area that can be used for more thorough analysis.

These reports are:

  • Giving Insights: a downloadable csv/xls report detailing store-specific donation amounts.
  • Giving Downloadable Report: a granular view of donations by issuer countries/regions and terminals that allows for the analysis of specific shopper demographics.

Note: You can find a technical break-down and samples in our technical documentation.