How can I check that my terminal is successfully connected to a network?

Run connection tests from the terminal

To check if your terminal is connected to a network, run a test on the terminal to verify the connection:

  • Between the terminal and the Adyen payments platform.
  • Between the terminal and the Adyen Terminal API and various endpoints.

To run these tests on the terminal: 

  1. Go to Settings and select Diagnostics.
    • On non-Android terminals that use the old menu structure, go to the Admin menu and select Network > Diagnostics.
    • On an Android terminal, go to Settings and select Diagnostics.
  2. Under Diagnostics, select PSP connection and check the result. 
  3. Under the same menu option, select Terminal API and check the result.
    • If the results show Successful, then the terminals are connected successfully. 
    • If the results show Failed, then the terminals are not connected. 

More details on how to run these tests and how to view the results can be found in our detailed guide on connection tests. 

Tip: Learn how to troubleshoot your terminals

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