What is Merchant Access?

Get access to your merchant's Adyen Customer Area with Merchant Access

Merchant Access allows you to connect to the Customer Area of one of your merchants directly from the Partner Portal environment.

Merchant Access gives you the direct access you need when building integrations or assigning terminals for your clients.

Prerequisite to use the feature

Adyen is migrating to a new user structure from username and account to email based users. To use this feature your Adyen user needs to be an email based user not a user with username and account. If you are not using an email based user this feature will not work and your client will get an error when adding you.

To check what type of user you are:

  1. Log into your Partner Portal
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select Users
  4. Check the login method of the users. If you see Username & Account it means you need to migrate your users.
  5. Select the “Manage user migration” button and begin the process.

Warning: if your user has access to multiple different company accounts using the username and account structure and you would still need access to these company accounts outside the Partner Portal environment then it is not advised to migrate your user and currently this feature is not yet available for your user type.

Getting access to the customer area of your clients

To use Merchant Access, you need to request permission to access a client's Adyen Customer Area.

The steps are:

  1. Log into your Partner Portal environment
  2. Select Merchant Access
  3. Select Request Access
  4. Select the roles you need access to and continue
  5. Review the summary
  6. Generate a link to send to your clients

With this link you can send to multiple clients. When your client gives you the correct permissions, you can access their Adyen Customer Area from the Partner Portal using the account switcher tool on the left bar.

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