How can I check the status of a payment link?

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Do you have the right user role?

Please check whether you have one of the following user roles:

  • Pay by Link Interface

  • Merchant Admin

If you don't have the required user role, please reach out to your admin.

Check the status

  1. Log in to your Customer Area.
  2. Go to Pay by Link > Payment links. 
  3. In the Status column, find the status of the payment.

Tip: Payment links are shown for up to 90 days.

Note: In-store payment links aren’t visible in the Customer Area.

To programmatically check the status of a Payment link, you can do a GET request to our /paymentLinks/{linkId} endpoint. In the response you can check the status in the parameter status. It’s currently not possible to check Payment link statuses in bulk. More information can be found here.

Payment links statuses

A payment link can have one of the following statuses:

  • Active: The payment link is active and can be used to make a payment.
  • Completed: The payment has been authorized. If you have enabled manual capture on your merchant account, you also need to capture the payment.
  • Payment pending: The final result of the payment is not yet known.
  • Expired: The payment link has expired.

Note: In-store Pay by Link is active only while the payment is processing on the terminal.

Note: If you created a reusable payment link (Link type: Open), only two statuses apply: Active and Expired. The status will not change to Completed.

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