What can I do regarding fake emails or chats requesting wire transfer?

Phishing attempts

We’re aware of specific phishing attempts (fake emails or fake chats) that request the transfer of amounts to Italian or German bank accounts.

These attempts can appear to come from an eBay seller requesting a payment through “Adyen Escrow”. These requests are a form of phishing. The sender is asking to wire funds to a bank account that is not related to Adyen.

How phishing emails look like

Phishing emails can be sent from email addresses that look like this:

  • adyen@padpayee.co.uk
  • adyen@e­commerce­padpayee.com

Note: An email from Adyen would always use the correct adyen.com domain in an email address.

The emails can be similar to the one following.

“eBay seller has requested the payment through Adyen Escrow and we offered to cover all the risks for you and the seller.

It is our responsibility to inform Buyers about our Sellers. You are dealing with a verified Adyen seller, protected by our Adyen services such as insurance and dispute resolution, and you may buy and sell with confidence in all eBay transactions with this seller.”

These emails can mention IBANs similar to IBAN is IT45O0760101400001042352987, or DE49100110012625550603.

Note: Neither of these email addresses or bank accounts is related to Adyen. In case you receive other phishing attempts, contact Support.

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