In-house training

Businesses can now join us on June 27th for a half-day training session at our headquarters in Amsterdam.

In-house Training image

What you'll learn

  • How to get started with Adyen

  • Discover your payments control center and optimize your processes

  • The anatomy of a transaction

  • Setting up risk profiles and handling disputes

  • Navigating Adyen’s reporting system & reconciliation best practices

Who is this for

New users who prefer a face to face training and existing users looking to refresh their knowledge.

This training will be hosted by Adyen experts and will take half a day in the Adyen HQ in Amsterdam.

By the end

You’ll feel more comfortable with your Customer Area, risk profiles, reports, invoices, and payments reconciliation.

Meet our experts

Media: Image - MTS_Marenthe

Marenthe Willers Holman

Disputes, Adyen

Marenthe will help you understand and manage chargebacks.

Media: Image - MTS_FouadTbib

Fouad Tbib

Risk, Adyen

Fouad will talk about risk profiles, consistency rules, and our risk engine RevenueProtect.

Media: MTS -  Luc van den Ende

Luc van den Ende

Account Manager, Adyen

Join us in person

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