How are refunds and chargebacks managed in Adyen for Platforms?

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Refunds with Adyen for platforms

With every payment, capture, or refund on Adyen for Platforms, you can split the funds between any number of balance accounts in your platform, including your liable balance account.

A refund over the full transaction amount will be processed according to the initial split of the payment request. This will happen even if the refund request has no split information. Hence, all split amounts are debited from the accounts to which they were initially credited.

If a refund is initiated with new split information that differs from the splits of the original payment, the new splits will decide to which accounts the funds are debited.

A partial refund can only be processed according to the split information of the refund request. However, if a partial refund is initiated without split information, the funds will be debited from the platform’s liable account, and not from the accounts specified in the original payment.

Chargebacks with Adyen for Platforms

By default, the full disputed amount for a chargeback is booked to the Liable. It is possible to update the default settings on a Balance Platform level, by contacting Adyen Support.

It can also be changed on a payment level, by making use of the behavior parameter, which can be set either to:

  • deductFromOneBalanceAccount, for one Balance Account to be fully liable for the chargeback.
  • deductAccordingToSplitRatio, in order for the chargeback to be booked according to the split ratio at the moment of payment.

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