Why did I receive a dunning letter?

A green triangle with an exclamation point in it.

Do you have the right user role?

Please check whether you have the following user role:

  • Manage Submitted Invoices (Creditor)

What is a dunning letter?

A dunning letter is a notice sent to a customer when a payment is overdue. We issue dunning letters when your monthly invoice is past due (+30 days).

Tip: Find your outstanding invoices in your Customer Area > Finance > Invoice overview.

How can I pay for the overdue invoices?

You can find the payment instructions on the invoice. If preferred, we can deduct the overdue payments from your settlement; please reach out to Support for this.

Why was the invoice not deducted from settlement?

Invoices can be paid via bank transfer or deduction from settlementInvoices aren’t deducted from settlement, if the collect invoice from settlement:

  • Isn’t activated for this merchant or company account.
  • Is only activated for processing fees/invoices but not for terminal services/sales (or the other way around).
  • Is now activated, but past invoices weren’t deducted from the settlement and need to be paid.

Dunning letter FAQs

I noticed some mistakes, what should I do?

We always try to maintain the highest quality of data for our merchants. If you notice any errors in the legal entity details or pricing, contact Support.

I never received this invoice, how can I find the invoice?

We upload all invoices in Customer Area > Finance > Invoice overview. If you’ve never received this invoice, It’s possible your contact details are wrong, or you’ve previously requested not to receive it via email.

I just paid the overdue invoice, how long does it take to be marked as paid?

If you just transferred funds to our bank account it can take up to 5 days before the invoice is marked as paid in Invoice overview.

Dunning collections

Starting May 2021, we'll deduct unpaid invoices from your settlement of the respective account. If the invoice is issued on company level, we'll deduct the invoice from the current charge merchant. When invoices are overdue after 90 days, and we’ve informed you three times with dunning letters, we'll collect the due amount from your settlement.

Where can I find the invoice deduction?

There are 2 options to find your invoice deductions:

  • In your settlement detail report you will find the deduction for the unpaid invoice(s).
  • In Invoice overview you can find the batch number where the invoice deduction took place.

Tip: If you’ve already paid for the invoice that is deducted from settlement, please provide the remittance advice of the invoice payment with billing@adyen.com.

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