External settlement detail report

The External Settlement Detail report

The External Settlement Detail report shows details of transactions for which Adyen is not the money flow and not the acquirer. The report includes transactions that have the status SettledExternally or RefundedExternally. For example, if you have an agreement with AMEX or PayPal where you receive funds for processed transactions from AMEX or PayPal directly, then the details of those transactions are in this report.

Overview of report features

  • Can be generated only on company account level
  • Includes transactions from all of your related merchant accounts
  • Generated on a daily basis.
  • If automatic generation is enabled, a report including the externally settled/refunded transactions of the previous day is generated.

Note: This report is not a confirmation that the funds for the included transaction have been paid out to you by the external acquirer. It however indicates that Adyen received the information from the external acquirer that the transaction was settled. For further information related to the actual payout, please reach out to your contact at the external acquirer.

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