How does the franchisee application process with Adyen work?

The application process

Before your franchisees start processing payments with Adyen, they need to go through the application process to have an account.

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1. Welcome email

Once we have received the information necessary to open a (or multiple) merchant account(s) for your store(s) and uploaded it, the franchisees will receive a welcome email with:

  • Their username to log in to the TEST environment of Adyen.
  • A link to create a password for TEST.
    Note: This link expires within 24 hours.
  • Once they create a password, they can log into TEST to fill in the application form.

2. Application form

To fill in the application form they need to provide all the relevant information relating to the legal entity we’re screening. Suppose their legal entity is “Joe’s burgers and fries LLC”, they’ll have to enter data concerning Joe’s burgers and fries LLC. This includes information such as business registration details, information on the directors of the entity, and more.

3. Adyen Review

Once all is provided, the Adyen onboarding team will review the documents.

  • If everything is in good form, there’s nothing left to do.
  • If some modifications are needed (e.g you entered an invalid business registration number),we’ll notify franchisees via email. Once any modifications are complete, they can resubmit the application and expect another review.
    Tip: Refer to this article for tips on submitting the right legal entity details.

4. Account is LIVE

Once the account is live, franchisees will receive an email with their Essentials credentials.
Note: Adyen has 2 environments, TEST and LIVE and they have different credentials.

  • TEST: To use during the process of onboarding.
  • LIVE: To use once the account is live and processing.
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