Can I partner with my preferred nonprofit?

With Giving, you can support the causes that matter to you and partner with your preferred nonprofit.. We've designed our process to be both merchant-friendly and nonprofit-friendly. 

Nonprofit requirements:

Onboarding your preferred nonprofit

When a merchant shows interest in supporting a nonprofit, we initiate their onboarding process. This approach ensures nonprofits are welcomed onto our platform only when there is assured backing. 

After joining our platform, nonprofits aren't tied to one merchant. Any merchant eligible for Giving can opt to support them. This flexibility ensures our platform remains adaptable and inclusive.

Similar to the nonprofits in our library, we expect that these onboarded nonprofits will align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This alignment underscores our wavering commitment to make a meaningful impact on Giving through our platform.

We have a dedicated team that manages our nonprofit onboarding process. The timeline for onboarding spans 1-2 months, although times may vary. During this period, our team conducts  due diligence, reviews documentation, and ensures compliance with relevant regulations. 

Other forms of partnering with a nonprofit

Explore our extensive nonprofit library.  Here, you'll find more than 140 nonprofits you can already partner with using Giving. These organizations are dedicated to various causes, from addressing local climate and social issues to global emergency response.

Throughout the year, you have the opportunity to join various campaigns and appeals, fundraising alongside us for specific causes. Past campaigns such asEarth Day, Pride, and the Ukraine emergency appeal are shining examples of how your involvement can truly make a difference.