Who should I involve in my team when setting up Giving?

Who should be involved in setting up giving depends on your organization. This can shift based on your organization's size, structure, and key decision-makers in your Giving campaign.

Typical stakeholders and their roles

Product and Development Team (Payments Team)

Their role is to understand how Giving integrates with your existing checkout process and becomes an integral part of your customer journey without affecting your conversion rates.

Marketing Team

Their responsibility is to engage in customer communication and collaborate with us to heighten social impact awareness which becomes straightforward with our comprehensive marketing toolkit.

CSR / Sustainability Team

They prioritize aligning Giving with existing nonprofit initiatives. Understanding the potential to create Giving campaigns and enhance nonprofit partnerships is key.

Finance Team

As Giving employs a two-transaction logic, the finance team's workload is minimized. However, understanding how Adyen streamlines reconciliation and absorbs all fees can prove insightful.

Legal Team

They focus on regulatory concerns, particularly around customer donation consent. Being aware of our full KYC and background checks for onboarding nonprofits will be helpful.

Setting up Giving often involves various stakeholders. Find out more information about our go-live process