How do I receive my Giving donations?

Change where you get paid 

If you’re a nonprofit supported by one of our merchants through Giving, you must submit a payout account through the Customer Area to receive these funds. You can do this as part of your application, or add a payout account once your account has been activated.

Change how you get paid 

You get paid to your bank account in batches, not in individual micro-donations. Batches are created based on your payout schedule, which by default is set to daily (mon-fri) but can be changed to as little as monthly.  You’ll receive a separate payout for each merchant supporting you.

To change your payout settings

  1. Log in to your Customer Area.
  2. Go to Finance > Payout model.
    Here is an overview of your merchant accounts and their payout configurations.
  3. Select Change and follow the instructions to change your payout frequency. 

Note: We advise against changing the payout model for donations, as this would make reconciliation more complex.